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RDO is Induction Heating Solutions

RDO Induction has been a premier supplier of induction heating equipment and systems since 1989. Precision induction heating is our focus. Our mission is to provide our customers with superior products and support for their induction heating requirements.

Our wide product range allows us to evaluate customer requirements in our labs and offer the best solution to satisfy your needs. From the precise heated of delicate components to larger, robust process heating, RDO Induction will strive to offer you an ideal solution for your requirements.

From the initial phase of the application evaluation, our expert sales and engineering staff will provide the customer a working knowledge of induction heating technology and how it can be applied to their application. Once the application is identified, customers are encouraged to send their parts for testing in our labs for final justification.

Testing is usually provided at no charge to the customer depending on the level of testing and development required and we also normally provide the tested parts as well as a video of the test for customer review. If your application requires custom fixtures, semi or full automation, RDO Induction works closely with several highly qualified Automation/Integration partners to offer our customers complete turn-key systems.

Induction Heating offers a controllable and localized method of heat without contact to the parts (components) being heated. The heat is generated by inducing an alternating magnetic field into electrically conductive materials. Induction Heating does not put off any harmful emissions; therefore, it is considered a Green Technology that can greatly reduce your greenhouse emission footprint.

In fact, Induction Heating is extremely clean heat. It produces neither harmful emissions nor loud noise. It does not heat the environment or area outside the work coil, since the heat is only generated in the workpiece being heated. Thus induction heating assists in creating more favorable working conditions.

Typically, an induction heating system is comprised of the induction heating power supply, an induction heating coil, as well as a water-cooling source. The water-cooling source cools the coil and several internal components inside the power supply. The technology lends itself to bench- top/work cell environments and in-line semi or fully automated processes.

Induction Heating technology is also energy efficient. Power consumption to create the output power is minimal and in idle or stand-by conditions power consumption is greatly reduced since the power is only on when the system is being utilized for the intended process.

The induction heating power supply sends alternating current through the induction coil, thus generating a magnetic field. When the workpiece is placed within the coil and enters the magnetic field, eddy currents are induced within the workpiece, generating precise and localized heat without any physical contact between the induction coil and the workpiece.

One of the greatest benefits to Induction Heating is that it creates consistent and repeatable results thanks to the development of Solid-State power supplies. The heating pattern produced by a given induction coil will be consistent from day to day, month to month. Since the induction coil is not in any contact with the part being heated and the part is being presented to the coil in a consistent fashion, the process will remain repeatable. Traditional flame heating or resistance heating systems have constantly changing characteristics, therefore developing a repeatable process is difficult.

RDO Induction offers a wide variety of low to high-power generators from 1kW in power to over 200kW in power in frequency ranges from 3 kHz up to 1 MHz. RDO Induction supplies process heating solutions for a wide array of industries including Aerospace, Automotive, Casting, Medical, Mining, Power Transmission, Solar and Telecom to name a few.

RDO is able to provide an induction heating solution from our standard product line or custom develop a power supply based on our customerís requirements for a specific application. Custom developed induction power supplies are typically product specific with high volume potential in the medical or commercial fields, for example.

In addition to induction heating power supplies, RDO supplies a complete line of Induction Metal Melting and Induction Smelting systems, specializing in Non-Ferrous and Precious Metals, such as Platinum, Silver and Gold Melting. We also provide Ferrous alloy melting systems, specializing in small batch melting for casting or material analysis requirements.

RDO Induction is also a leader in Centrifugal Casting technology for the Jewelry, Dental and small parts casting industries, specializing in the casting of Platinum, Palladium, Gold, Silver and Steel.

Send us an email or call and have one of our customer associates begin working with you. RDO Induction is happy to help you with your induction heating, melting or casting questions. We will provide you with high level induction heating systems for your critical operations.

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  A controllable and localized method of heat without contact to the parts (components). More
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